Digiseg Performance Award - September

Best Performing Agency

This months’ winner of The Digiseg Performance Award is Maria Azzarello from Digital Angels in Italy. Congratulations!
Maria runs campaigns for Todis Supremarti, a national supermarket chain, and focus is on driving performance. They achieved no less then:
– 44% uplift in Conversion-rate
– CPA decreased by 54%
– 131% higher CTR’s!
Well done Maria, and Martina from Digital Angels.

The Digiseg Performance Award Includes:

  • Apple Airpods Pro
  • €100 Celebration Voucher to take the Digital Angels team out for drinks
  • Award Statuette
  • Award Diploma

Could you be interested in participating?
Please reach out to our support with your Digiseg Audience Data case study. Please include at least one lower funnel and at least one upper funnel KPI.

Digiseg Performance Award

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