Best Performing Agency
This months’ winner of Digiseg Performance Award is Roosa Akmal from Roister Marketing in Finland. Congratulations!
Roosa’s client was Shell/St1 and the objective of the campaign was to promote the online sale of “Perfect Autopesu” car wash. Shell and St1 have more than 70 Perfect Autopesu car wash stations in Finland.
The campaign involved two strategies – one with Digiseg audience segments (our Data Scientist department prepared a custom audience combining income, tech-level, and the number of cars in the household) and one with a retargeting program.

It turned out that Digiseg’s audience data performed significantly better than retargeting line-items. Looking at the average CTR, Digiseg segments delivered an impressive 220% better CTR performance comparing to retargeting line items, while eCPC turned out to be 185% lower – well done!

The Digiseg Performance Award Includes:

  • Apple Airpods Pro
  • €100 Celebration Voucher to take the Roister team out for drinks
  • Award Statuette
  • Award Diploma

Could you be interested in participating?
Please reach out to our support with your Digiseg Audience Data case study. Please include at least one lower funnel and at least one upper funnel KPI.

Digiseg Performance Award

/ Team Digiseg

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