Digiseg Data performs impressively across Europe

Digiseg Data: Impressive performance across Europe

We put Digiseg data to the test and looked at CTR across all campaigns in Europe using Digiseg data. The average CTR was an impressive 0.66% – well above the industry average of 0.14% with data and 0.09% without data.

Adform made quite a splash
Adform made quite a splash when it announced its new Audience Marketplace. The goal, of course, is to drive campaign results by helping brands get their messages in front of the right audiences. One of the more exciting features is the ability to track audience performance and CTR variables by audience-data source. Now agencies and marketers who purchase audience data through the marketplace and launch campaigns via Adform’s DSP can compare the performance of those audience data sources side-by-side.
Adform-verified engagement data is hugely beneficial to the entire industry. It helps agencies and marketers assess which sources deliver the most substantial results on a per campaign basis. More importantly, they can have full confidence in the numbers as they come straight from the horse’s mouth. There’s no spin involved.
How to explain these results?
Digiseg data takes an entirely different approach to building audiences. We don’t use any behavioral- or personal data period. Instead, we tap into reliable and publicly available data from national statistics offices (read: GDPR compliant), and we map it to precise geo-locations. When a bid request comes in, our algorithms analyze a wide variety of attributes — number of children or cars in a household, income level, rent or own, lifecycle, etc. — to assess if the user is right for a campaign. Because this data comes directly from national statistics offices throughout Europe, it is comprehensive. We can segment 1.4 billion devices, which is about 80% of the population.

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