The CTV Segmentation Solution

CTV Segmentation Solution

Standardized data that delivers targeting scale across every platform. Digiseg’s household demographics data lets you target who is watching the show not what the show is about—People not content.

Supported platforms

Advantages of Digiseg Audiences:


Recognize up to 80% of all impressions


CTV, audio, mobile web, in-app


Truly private, no PII/personal data

Target where buying decisions are made: the household.

Digiseg segments entire countries into 100-500 household neighborhoods, layering on statistical data about home type, life stage, household income and more. Digiseg does not use cookies or any other deterministic identifiers, UUIDs, MAIDs etc.

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The Digiseg Methodology


Calculate IPs

We start by mathematically ­producing all possible IP Addresses in a given country.
No data is collected.


Create Maps

We then match offline data from national statistics offices with digital geolocation, building small neighborhoods of 100-500 households that share similar statistical attributes.


Locate IPs

Digiseg uses probabilistic geo-position to link IP addresses to neighborhood characteristics.


Segment IPs

Once the households are located and bucketed into audiences, we throw away the location, leaving only IP addresses matched with household characteristics.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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