Covid reopening strategy for tourism hunts higher CTR





Higher viewability than 3rd party data



Campaign Goal

Encourage tourism to a leading European capital city after the COVID-19 lockdowns were lifted

The Challenge

COVID-19 brought inter-European travel to a standstill. Once Europe was able to control its outbreaks, cities across the continent began to reopen their economies, but the tourist industry remained stalled as consumers questioned whether or not it was safe to travel.

This particular Capital city was keen to welcome European travelers and wanted to launch a campaign that emphasized the pleasure and safety of internal European travel in the age of coronavirus.

The Solution

Younger people, both singles and couples, have always been more adventurous, especially when it comes to travel. In a typical year, this cohort tends to seek longer exotic holidays over visits to capital cities on the continent. This year, with COVID-19 still an issue in much of the world, a quick two or three jaunt to a capital city is suddenly appealing. Additionally, tech-savvy people could both book their trips online as well as research facts about the disease’s spread and strategies for traveling safely, giving them the confidence they need to travel.
Targeting younger people was a significant departure from past strategies, as this demographic is notoriously busier than the rest of the population, and is reluctant to go away for a long weekend.

The Results

Our audience data, the only external source of targeting data, generated a CTR of 0.92%

CTR for Household data was 93% better than remarketing and 154% better than third-party data.
Viewability was also significantly improved using household data, 19% better than remarketing and 67% better, than the third-party targeted line item.

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