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Digiseg offers the same 196 segments in all markets. You activate the audience and set up standard Geography Targeting in the line item.

It’s on the way. Digiseg is still a young data provider, and the data is not yet visible in the Planning tool.

Contextual segments webpages (URLs). Digiseg segments real users, not the content they see.

Digiseg segment the bid-stream in real-time. It’s cookie-free and enables advertisers to buy all segmented web impressions, including anonymized traffic like safari or CTV.

Digiseg uses data from national statistics offices, including census and register data. The sources cover the entire market, enabling Dgiseg to segment most impressions in Xandr.

Digiseg is a real-time data provider. No cookies are used, and therefore Xandr displays no reach or load figures. The data is there!

You need activate dataproviders you would like to work with under “Segment Manager”:

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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