Digiseg API guide

To get started using the Digiseg Audience API, you need an API-Key. If you don’t have it already can be requested here
It is free of charge for a limited number of requests. The service is limited to a maximum of 100 requests per second. Please contact support if you need a higher limit. 


The API consists of a single endpoint, where you supply an IP address for which you would like to receive Digiseg’s Core Audiences.
The API is located here: https://ga.digiseg-collect.net/audiences/

To send requests to the endpoint, you must append the IP address to the URL and provide two headers – Authorization and Origin.
Using curl, it could look like this:
curl ‘https://ga.digiseg-collect.net/audiences/’ –header ‘Authorization: API-KEY’ –header ‘Origin: DOMAIN’
Replace API-KEY and DOMAIN with the values specified in your activation e-mail. The Origin header is only required if using server-side scripts. When using the API in client-side scripts, the browser will automatically set Origin to the value of the visited website.

Responses when sending a request for an IP address, you will get a JSON formatted response, similar to this:
“status”: “success”,
“response”: {
“accommodationtype”: “2: House / Semi Detached”,
“building year”: “B: 1945 – 1989”,
“cars in the household”: “2 or more cars”,
“children in the household”: “C: households with 2 or more children”,
“education”: “A: Basic”,
“home ownership”: “Rent”,
“household income”: “B: Less affluent (Lowest 20-40%)”,
“lifecycle”: “1: Young singles and couples”,
“livingspace m2”: “< 80 m2”,
“neighborhood type”: “C: Suburban”,
“savings”: “1: No savings”,
“tech-level in household”: “B: Medium”

If you request an IP address that we don’t have any valid data associated with, you will receive a no-data status, with an empty response, letting you know the data is not available – like this:
“status”: “no-data”,
“response”: “”
Along with the data, you will also receive an HTTP status code. 200 OK, or 404 Not Found.
In case of an error, you will receive a 500 Internal Server Error status code:
“status”: “error”,
“response”: “Internal Server Error”


The API provides Digiseg’s Core Audiences. See below for a complete list. See the Audiences page for more information and reach numbers.

• 1: Apartment
• 2: House / Semi Detached

• 1: No savings
• 2: Smaller savings
• 3: Larger savings (Top 20%)

• 1: Young singles and couples
• 2: Young couples with children
• 3: Families with school children
• 4: Older families and matured couples
• 5: Pensioners

Cars in the household
• 0 Car
• 1 Car
• 2 or more cars

Children in the household
• A: Households without children
• B: Households with 1 child
• C: households with 2 or more children

• A: Basic
• B: Medium
• C: Higher

Neighborhood Type
• A: Countryside
• B: Village
• C: Suburban
• D: City

Household Income
• A: Poorer households (Lowest 20%)
• B: Less affluent (Lowest 20-40%)
• C: Comfortable households (Middle 40-60%)
• D: Prosperous households (Highest 60-80%)
• E: Wealthy households (Top 20%)

Home Ownership
• Rent
• Own

Building Year
• A: Before 1945
• B: 1945 – 1995
• C: From 1995 till today

Livingspace M2
• < 80 m2
• 80 – 119 m2
• 120+ m2

Tech-Level in Household
• A: High
• B: Medium
• C: Low

• Small
• Medium
• Large

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