Case Study


Water Filtration: Digiseg Custom Audience Delivers 2.36% CTR

Campaign Goal: Identify audience most likely to purchase a brand’s water filter + drive traffic to site


This client offered a reliable water filter to customers who want reasonable quality and design at a reasonable price. The client needed a new set of tools to understand and target its audience.

People who purchased these filters looked for the best possible price-quality ratio, which is incredibly difficult to target based on behavioral data.

Audience: People who need a basic water filtering system

Targeting Strategy:

This campaign required a Custom Audience built from an Digiseg Analytics report of existing customers. The analysis looked at age of home, neighborhood type, lifecycle (age, marital status, working vs. retired, etc.) along with other household characteristics.

The data revealed that people who were most likely to convert lived in newer homes in villages and suburban neighborhoods, had 2+ children, were old enough to have school-aged children, had basic to medium-tech levels, and had at least one or more cars.

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Building Year C + Neighborhood Type B,C + Children in the household C + Lifecycle C,D,E + Cars in the Household B,C + Tech level A,B

Results: We can’t say for sure exactly why this audience performs so well, but this composition of household characteristics delivers stellar results. Digiseg Analytics simply leveraged math and stats to analyze which household characteristics is most receptive to this brand’s message.

Impressoins Clicks CTR
317K 7.48K 2.36%

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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