Case Study


Vodafone: Mobile Data and Calls – Digiseg Audience Segments Blow Past Campaign Goals

Campaign Goal: Drive website traffic and sales of mobile service via a 30% discount on mobile data and calls.


This campaign posed several challenges. First, it sought to raise awareness and drive performance simultaneously — goals that often require very different messages, strategies, and tactics.

To ensure that both goals were met, Vodafone wanted to achieve an overall CPC lower than 0.7€ and CTR higher than 1.4%. Another challenge, every demographic uses mobile phones, and campaign success was predicated on identifying the segments most likely to switch service.

Audience: Mobile phone users who may be swayed by the promotion to sign up for Vodafone service.

Targeting Strategy:

The campaign was built around the hypothesis that the segments most likely to switch services are tech-savvy people who are keen to try the next best thing and families that have numerous demands on their budgets and will be open to saving money on their monthly mobile costs. The campaign also assumed that pensioners are the least likely to switch service. Based on this hypothesis, the campaign targeted medium to high-tech households, as well as households with at least one child.

vodafone graphic number 1

Lifecycle A.B,C,D + Tech-level B,C + Children in the household B,C

Results: Digiseg audience segments delivered campaign results that significantly exceeded campaign goals. The achieved CPC was 14x lower than goal, and CTR with 2.8x higher than Vodafone’s goal.

CPC CTR Conversions
0.05€ 3.94% achieved factor 2