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Vodafone: Double Play – Digiseg Audience Segment Delivers Qualified Traffic and New Customers

Campaign Goal: Attract website visitors as well as new subscribers to Vodafone Double Play, which offers 24 Mbps connection speed plus unlimited calls to landlines and mobile devices.


This campaign had two goals: raise awareness of the Vodafone Double Play service in order to drive traffic to the website and prompt new subscriptions. To ensure both objectives were met, the client set ambitious campaign goals, 0.7€ or lower CPC, and 1.4% or higher CTR.

In order to succeed, the campaign would need to focus on the audiences most receptive to Double Play’s affordability. Digiseg recommended its Poorer household audience segment.

Audience: Households in low-income neighborhoods

Targeting Strategy:

Digiseg’s Poorer Household audience segment is composed of households that fall into the lowest 20% of income, and rely on low cost options to make ends meet. By focusing on this audience segment, the campaign succeeded in driving traffic to the website as well as gaining new customers.

Household income A

vodafone graphic number 2

Results: The Digiseg audience data delivered unprecedented results, including a CPC that was 5.4x lower than goal, and a CTR that was 54% higher than goal.

CPC CTR Conversions
0.13€ 2.16% 2x

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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