Case Study


Sports Betting and Online Gambling: 11% Boost in Conversion

Campaign Goal: Acquire new users of a sports betting service


This online betting company had discovered that by offering a welcome bonus to users who register, it could entice new customers to its site. Now the owner was keen to open the spigot and dramatically increase the number of qualified users to target.

Programmatic advertising could easily scale up the campaign — but the company needed a better understanding of who to target.

Audience: Gambling | Casino / Poker / Sport

Targeting Strategy:

The client leveraged Digiseg’s Google Analytics plug-in to gain a better understanding of the consumers who converted via the welcome bonus promotion. The exercise — which analyzed converters based on household characteristics — was eye-opening. 82% of converters are young, and it didn’t matter if they were single, married or had children.

But education and household tech-levels were a different matter. Only 25% of highly educated people converted, and people from households with low tech levels were far more likely to convert from those with high tech levels. To drive performance, Digiseg targeted young people, suppressing highly educated and high tech level households.

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Lifecycle A,B + Education A,B + Tech level B,C

Digiseg data delivered an 11% boost in the number of new users compared to Google Ads activities. Compared to other behavioral programmatic line items, Digiseg audiences resulted in in a CPA improvement of 9%

Impressoins CTR Lift In Subscriptions
7.3 million 0.36% 11%

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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