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Data improves video completion rate and ad relevance for service station brand

Campaign Goal: Sunpet is a service station brand of Opet, one of the leading energy providers in Turkey. Located in rural areas, Sunpet provides fuel for personal consumption and agriculture, and was keen to raise brand awareness and gain new customers.


Internet usage in Turkey is lower in rural areas than it is in urban ones, making it difficult to scale digital campaigns. Sunpet’s media agency, Ingage Dijital Pazarlama, struggled to find a third-party audience segment that could reach its target audience at the needed scale.

Without sufficient reach, the video branding campaign would not be a success.

Audience: People living in the countryside (especially in small villages)

Targeting Strategy:

Target automobile owners, farmers and truck drivers with digital video ads. Ingage Agency created three videos, geared toward each audience, to be deployed in multiple marketing channels.


Neighborhood Type | A: Countryside
Neighborhood Type | B: Village


Results: Digiseg added much needed fuel to this campaign! Digiseg audiences delivered the highest video completion rate, as well as the lowest cost per confirmed view. Digiseg audience data also had the lowest bounce rate.

chart for sunpet case study

Congratulations to the whole Ingage Opet Team for delivering this success for their client: Erkan Şatır, Canan Aydın, Kübra Çetin, Murat Kaçar, Emre Ocaklı, Ceren Yalı, Merve Dağdelen.
And Of course also the Opet Marketing Team; Mehmet Alpinanç, Gökçe İçer, Emre Günay

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