Case Study


Royal Unibrew, Beverages, Cookieless targeting decreases video CPV 70%

Campaign Goal: Raise awareness of Royal Unibrew’s alcohol-free beer, Vilkmerges, via a video ad campaign. Campaign success would be judged based on completed video views at the lowest possible price.


The pandemic gave people a lot more time to sit home and drink alcohol (the World Health Organization reported alcohol consumption was up across the globe).

As lockdowns wore on, many consumers sought substitutions to alcoholic beverages, presenting Royal Unibrew an opportunity to raise awareness for its non-alcoholic beer. But there was a significant challenge: social media and Google place numerous restrictions on ads for beer, even if it’s non-alcoholic.

Audience: People who like to drink beer but for one reason or another, want to cut down on alcohol consumption.

Targeting Strategy:

Test digital banners that point to the video across multiple digital channels, including social media, Youtube, local news portals, and focus ad spend on the channels that deliver the greatest number of completed video views at the lowest eCPM.
The campaign tested two lifecycle audiences (families and young couples with children) based on the assumption that households with children wanted to limit alcohol consumption. We also targeted fans of beer and energy drinks, foodies, and people with active lifestyles.


Composition: Young couples with children, Families with school children, Beer and Energy drinks

Results: The Digiseg audience data delivered unprecedented results, including a CPC that was 5.4x lower than the goal, and a CTR that was 54% higher than goal.

Digiseg Other Audiences
CTR 3.11% 0.11%
CPC 0.23€ 0.79€
CPV 0.33€ 1.11€

Digiseg data delivered 28 times higher CTR compared to the whole campaign (3,11% vs. 0,11%). This also led to more than 3 times lower CPC and CPV (cost per qualitative visit with video view, respectively CPC at
0,23€ vs 0.79€ and CPV at 0,33€ vs 1,12€).

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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