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Car Wash
Digiseg Custom Audience Drives Amazing Success for Online Coupon Campaign

Campaign Goal: Boost online sales of car-wash coupons.


Shell/St1, owner of more than 70 Perfect Autopesu car wash stations throughout Finland, was keen to get new customers by selling car-wash coupons online (if a consumer purchased a coupon, he or she would most certainly redeem it at one of the stations).

To boost coupon sales, the company contacted the Roister Marketing agency to design and execute an online campaign. The key to success, however, lay in targeting the right kind of consumer: one who isn’t inclined to wash his or her own car for whatever reason, and has enough disposable cash to pay for a car washing service.

Audience: Custom audience based on the composition of income, tech-level, and the number of cars in the household

Targeting Strategy:

The campaign leveraged two distinct strategies: targeting consumers based on a custom audience built by Digiseg, and a traditional retargeting program. Digiseg data scientists built the car-wash custom audience based on a variety of attributes. To ensure the audience can afford the coupons, Digiseg eliminated households in the lowest 20% income bracket. We further segmented the audience based on tech usage in order to reach consumers who are comfortable buying products and services online. Finally, in order to reach the highest penetration of car owners, the custom audience included households with two or more cars.

car wash

Household income B,C,D,E + Tech-level B,C + Cars in the household C

Results: The custom Digiseg audience segment exceeded Shell/St1’s expectations as well as the results achieved by the retargeting initiative. In a head-to-head comparison, Digiseg improved campaign metrics by:

185% lower than retargeting line item 220% higher than retargeting line item

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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