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BayerDVM Bayvantic
Digiseg’s Audience Segments Deliver Stellar Campaign Results

Campaign Goal: Promote Bayvantic, BayerDVM’s flea protection for dogs.


Targeting dog parents is notoriously difficult as dog lovers span every demographic, region, lifecycle and income level. The data that is available is limited and has many marketers competing to reach the same pool of users.

The Densou Trading Desk in Denmark wanted a new and more cost effective approach to distinguish dog parents from other consumers, and turned to Digiseg for help.

Audience: Custom audience built on neighborhoods that are most conducive to dog parenthood and tech usage levels that leave plenty of time and mindshare for furry friends.

Targeting Strategy:

Digiseg has extensive experience in pet-related campaigns; experience its data scientists leveraged as a starting point for this campaign. For instance, Digiseg had previously discovered that people who live in smaller cities and suburban areas are more likely to have a dog. Additionally, people with fewer devices, spend less time online, and strive for a healthy balance between their online and real world lives are more likely to dote on their furry family members. We combined these attributes to create a new segment of dog owners.

flea prot.

Neighborhood A,B,C + Tech-level A,B

Results: The assumptions about pet ownership were extremely accurate, and pushed the boundaries in terms of programmatic performance.

CPC Conversions
45% Lower 10% Higher

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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