Audience Data For Branding Campaigns

Unprecedented cookie-less, need-based targeting

Digiseg intelligent data modelling integrates every household characteristic, solely from trusted data sources. This empowers precision targeting at an unprecedented level.

Full reach. Global Coverage.

Our data includes every household in your market and, because it is not cookie based, we can segment any connected device: desktop and mobile – of course – but also gaming consoles, connected TVs (CTV), audio and all the iOS and Safari devices you have been blind to since 2017. This is Full Reach: all households, all devices, all impressions served. 

Here you can slice and dice the world to make your perfect audience:

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The Digiseg Difference

Digiseg’s core audiences use standard households characteristics like Income, education, life-cycle, and neighborhood type to give you outstanding proxies for “need”. Our population based targeting gives you reach at scale that enables you to spend your entire budget within the campaign timeframe.