ExchangeWire – Data Infrastructure

Any technology being built with the goal of identifying individuals is simply recreating the exact tracking paradigm GDPR, CCPA & CPRA were created to eliminate.

Data Infrastructure Review

The impending disappearance of 3rd Party Cookies has the industry scrambling for targeting alternatives.  ExchangeWire has put together a valuable survey of the current state of data and the infrastructure being created to address the vacuum of the cookie. 

It might not be a surprise to hear Digiseg is deeply skeptical of much of what is being built. Too much of it feels like an attempt to build an even more invasive infrastructure, sprinkle some privacy-first pixel dust on it and go on with business as usual. But read our observations from the publication below. And visit the site to check out predictions from Silver Bullet, Live Ramp and ID5.

exchangewire data infrastructure graphic purple background
article on data privacy in newspaper
article on data privacy in newspaper part 2

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